A.D. Contractors Pty Ltd was founded by Brian Attwell in 1970 as a family owned and operated business. It is still a family business with son Ian Attwell as Operations Manager.

A.D. Contractors Pty Ltd employs over 40 highly skilled, experienced and qualified staff including 4 office personnel, 3 mechanical/workshop staff with 3 apprentices, and 24 plant operators, 8 semi and truck drivers.

The head office of A.D. Contractors Pty Ltd is locally based at 18 Kelly Street, Albany and services an area of approximately 200 km Radius. 

Our administration office and workshop are located at this site.  Although our focus is civil earthmoving, demolition and plant hire, we also supply a wide range of raw materials such as crushed and screened gravel, rocks, limestone, topsoil and sands.

Our company comprises:

  • Main offices – 4 offices, reception area and board room
  • Workshop - set up for heavy duty servicing and repairs 1000m²
  • Work yard of 16,000m²
  • 5 Gravel & Sand Pits 

 Corporate Social Responsibility 

Initiatives & Accomplishments

  1. D. Contractors has always taken their responsibility to the community and to the Lower Great Southern seriously; we believe that some of the best ways we can be responsible citizens is in the use of our personnel and equipment in emergencies.

For example; during bush fires, our trucks, water tankers, and dozers are made available for firefighting services.  To do this, we must reorganise current work in hand, and make our crews available to fight the fire. 

We are also on call to Western Power for emergencies.  We sometimes get calls for assistance on Sundays, and whereby have to operate equipment and trucks with supervisory staff because we were unable to give adequate notice to personnel.

  1. D. Contractors sponsors the local Football Club and the Albany Speedway.

We also take great pride in sponsoring apprenticeships, and have done so for many years.  At any given time, A. D. Contractors, will have between 3 to 5 apprentices on payroll.

It would be difficult for A D Contractors to utilise disabled personnel for driving trucks or operating equipment.  Our insurance requires all hands be competent, ticketed, and able bodied.  None the less, we have on staff over half of our personnel that are considered “mature”.  These are drivers and equipment operators that are in early to mid-60’s. At A. D. Contractors, the main criteria are competency. We do not tolerate discrimination.

  1. D. Contractors takes great pride in the training our staff receives. Appropriate personnel are sent to various courses and seminars. When staff show an interest in further studies that is allied to our type of work, where ever possible, they will be assisted and given time to attend training.

All staff attend Safety Inductions.  We consider one of the primary duties of a good ‘Corporate Citizen” is to provide a well organised, safe and cheerful work place.

Finally, A.D.’s always strives to buy locally and support other Albany businesses whenever possible.